“Pie For Breakfast is the restaurant I’m always searching for when I’m on the road with my family: simple regional cooking, made from scratch, with unprocessed ingredients. Pie For Breakfast is how I imagine an American country restaurant might have been before WWII, before our food system was on the fast track to hyper-industrialization, when short-order cooking was highly skilled, and a simple restaurant could afford to make a great deal of their food from scratch.”

—Trevett Hooper, Chef and Co-owner of Pie For Breakfast


Pie For Breakfast is essentially the Legume Cafe and will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our goal is to make food with the same ethos as Legume — sourcing high quality, natural ingredients; attention to detail; positive work environment; friendly customer service — but offered at a much lower price point.

Along with Legume and Butterjoint, Pie For Breakfast is the third restaurant in the Good Faith Restaurant Group. For nine years, our businesses have strived to offer nourishing, healthy food made from wholesome ingredients, most of which are sourced from family-owned farms in western PA. Good Faith Restaurant Group also offers a work environment that is positive, healthy, and that fosters creativity. We measure profitability not only in dollars, but also in the community that has arisen through this work, and we don’t think it could have happened this way anywhere else but Pittsburgh. We have good faith that by continuing to put quality food and people first, our mission can continue to thrive and grow in Pittsburgh for many years to come.

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Buy Pieces of the Pie (PoPs)

POPs, short for “Piece Of The Pie,” are basically gift certificates that increase in value over time. We are now selling POPs to help us generate cash to open Pie For Breakfast.

Each POP goes up in value 10% each year, until 2020, at which point the value of the certificates remains the same. So...

in 2016, a $250 POP can be redeemed for $250 in gift certificates
in 2017, a $250 POP can be redeemed for $275 in gift certificates
in 2018, a $250 POP can be redeemed for $302.50 in gift certificates
in 2019, a $250 POP can be redeemed for $332.75 in gift certificates
in 2020 and thereafter, a $250 POP can be exchanged for $366.03 in gift certificates

POPs can be purchased in denominations of $250, $500, and $1,000, and come in increments of $250. This means that if you get $1,000 worth of POPs, you will actually receive four $250 POP certificates which can be exchanged for gift certificates at different times, so you could exchange $250 worth of POPS in 2017, and the other three in different years. When you are ready to redeem, the POPS will be exchanged for gift certificates that can be used at Legume, Butterjoint and Pie For Breakfast.