Pie For Breakfast is essentially the Legume Cafe and will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our goal is to make food with the same ethos as Legume — sourcing high quality, natural ingredients; attention to detail; positive work environment; friendly customer service — but offered at a much lower price point.

Along with Legume and Butterjoint, Pie For Breakfast is the third restaurant in the Good Faith Restaurant Group. For over a decade, our businesses have strived to offer nourishing, healthy food made from wholesome ingredients, most of which are sourced from family-owned farms in western PA. Pie For Breakfast is about doing this same thing, but in a context meant for daily living. The management team of Good Faith Restaurant Group tries in earnest to create an environment that is positive, healthy, and fosters creativity, while also staying viable within a capitalist system. We measure profitability not only in dollars, but also in the community that has arisen through this work, and we don’t think it could have happened this way anywhere else but Pittsburgh. We have good faith that by continuing to put quality work and people first, our mission can continue to thrive and grow in Pittsburgh for many years to come.

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